Tungsten Bullet Weights
Tungsten Flippin Weights
Tungsten Worm Weights
Tungsten fishing weights
Tungsten Bullet, Worm, Flipping & Punch Weights
Made of  97% tungsten. The compact design allows them to penetrate through grass mats.  Tungsten is environmentally friendly,
non-toxic, contains no lead products and will not deform like lead which eventually closes on your line and causes breaks.  The soft
plastic insert extends slightly above and below the weight to ensure that your line will never come in contact with the edge of the
weight, which can create line abrasion and breaks if it is not machined smooth. The plain weights are polished to a shiny finish.  
Colored weights are Powder Coated for maximum durability.  Colored weights are packaged individually for protection during
shipment and safe-keeping in your tackle box.  Unpainted weights are packaged loose in a small zip lock bag with a product card for
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Black Worm Weights
Blood Red Worm Weights
Green Pumpkin Worm Weights
Plain Worm Weights
Blood Red Flipping Weights
Green Pumpkin Flipping Weights
Plain Flipping Weights
Black Flipping Weights

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