Tungsten Weights         
Insert Free Worm Weights - Black
Insert Free Worm Weights - Green Pumpkin
Insert Free Worm Weights - Unpainted
Insert Free Worm Weights - Blood Red
Insert Free Flipping Weights - Blood Red
Insert Free Flipping Weights - Black
Insert Free Flipping Weights - Green Pumpkin
Insert Free Flipping Weights - Unpainted
Flipping weights Pictured: 1-1/4 oz Skirted Punch,
1 oz Red, 2-1/4 oz Black, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin
and 2 oz Unpainted

Skirted Punch Weights are now

The inner core and top & bottom edges are machined smooth to eliminate the line abrading burrs and rough edges which are naturally
formed during the manufacturing process.  Colored weights are powder coated which is much more durable than many painted weights
on the market.  These are packaged individually for protection during shipment and safe-keeping in your tackle box.  Unpainted weights
are packaged loose in a small zip lock bag with a product card for identification.  All weights are sold by the piece.
Insert-Free Tungsten Weights
Worm, Bullet, Flipping, Punch & Screw-In
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Alley's Tungsten
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Tungsten Screw-In Weights
Insert Free Screw-In Weights
Inner Core Machined Smooth
97% Tungsten