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Gamakatsu Hooks
Worm Offset Shank, Extra Wide Gap, Black
Worm Offset Round Bend, Black
Super Line & Monster, Extra Wide Gap, Black
Heavy Cover Worm Hook, Black
Trailer Hooks
Worm Offset Shank, Black
Give any spinner bait that extra edge.
Surgical Tube included.
Uses range from small finesse
to large fat body plastic baits.
Heavy wire to withstand today's "super
lines". Great for flipping or pitching
around wood.
Offset shank with a round bend for a
wider bite.
Gamakatsu's standard offset shank
worm hook with on O'shaugnessy
The new Heavy Cover Worm hook has been
built to the highest standards to fight the
biggest fish in the heaviest cover. The
Heavy Cover Worm features Gamakatsu's
rock solid welded eye, perfect for tying a
Snell knot with braid. Gamakatsu has
worked with their top pros to design an
improved small wire keeper. The keeper
has a small compact profile and is
strategically placed for superior holding
G-Lock Worm Hook, Black
Locks on soft plastics even through
heavy cover.
Alley's Tungsten
Behemoth Lures