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Behemoth Lures: Founded in 2009 in
effort to provide tournament quality
Tungsten Weights and Jigs at an
affordable price.  Our orders are
packaged same day and shipped by US
Mail the following morning from Middle

We carry a wide variety products:
- Insert-Free Tungsten Weights
- Inserted Tungsten Weights
- Skirted Punch Weights
- Screw-In Weights
- Barrel, Drop Shot & Nail Weights
- Tungsten Jigs: Flipping, Football Head,
Shakey Head Jigs, Swim & Swing Head
- Pegging systems, composite beads,
Living Image Skirts and tabs, Skirt
making components, swivels, Gamakatsu
Hooks and several other products.
Alley's Tungsten
Behemoth Lures

If you are breaking off fish on your hookset, please read further. It is that time of year when punching mats is the...

Posted by Alley's Tungsten - Behemoth Lures on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inserted vs. Insert Free Tungsten WeightsI get asked this question many times over the course of a year. I will...

Posted by Alley's Tungsten - Behemoth Lures on Sunday, April 5, 2015
    New for Spring 2018:
    Tungsten Swim Jigs and
    Tungsten Swing Head Jigs
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